Adapt and Conquer

Hello Everyone!

This is my first Blog posting!

I am finally posting my first blog! I guess you could look at this blog as an an update to my autobiography. First off, I would like to talk about my faith journey. In 2020 I left the Lutheran denomination. During the Covid restrictions, I started doing a lot more biblical research and watching various church services online. I am now a nondenominational Christian. I believe in the Bible and I appreciate the direct Bible teachings of the new church I joined on December 5, 2021. I was baptized on May 1, 2022! I am very happy with this decision and I feel great!

Another change I’ve made is my caregiver situation. I made the decision to replace one of my caregivers I have had for seven years. I did not take this decision lightly, but it was something that I felt was needed. We have no hard feelings towards one another and we both think it’s probably for the best. I am presently training two new caregivers and all is going well.

On June 11th I DJed a wedding! I had so much fun at this wedding and I think it was the highest energy wedding I’ve ever done. Everything went smoothly without a hitch. When I set my gear up I did not realize the ceremony was going to be outside of the venue. The person who helped me set up had already left. I had to think fast and I remembered that I had a pair of 50 foot XLR cables. I quickly had my caregiver track down the wedding planner to see if someone could help move one of my speakers to the door. So the wedding planner and my caregiver moved the speaker to the door and hooked up everything and the ceremony continued. The wedding with ceremony was only 3 hours and 50 minutes. I only had about an hour for dance music. So I played hit after hit and the dance floor was packed the entire hour. The bride sent me a nice tip the next day so I am guessing I did a great job 🙂

Okay that is all for this blog. I will be back next week with an update.